Rev. Dr. M A Varughese


The heavens declare the Glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands”(Ps.19:1)

“The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it… “(Ps.24:1)

PUTHUSSERY is a remote village near the town Thiruvalla, but beautiful in its own way, being a part of the state of KERALA (INDIA).

Kerala is a long stretch of land north to south in the western coast. It is well known for its flora & fauna, known for its spices, coconut trees, back waters, world famous Kovalam Beach, beautiful landscapes, and elephants. Tourists from the world over have loved to travel into this land since centuries. It is often called God’s Own Country by tourists.

History says one of the disciples of Jesus, Apostle Thomas, began his ministry near Cochin of this state in the first century (52.A.D). Many received the Gospel through him. Marthoma (orthodox) Christian families are a part of the Christian community, the early believers, who are beautiful in spirit and in physique. Their contribution to the growth of the community is commendable. They are very strict in following their traditions and faith.

One of the families living there received a blessing in the form of a male child on 4th November 1946. Much before the birth of this child, his parents, Mr. M O Abraham and Mrs. Marykutty Abraham prayed and dedicated the expected child to God by faith.

Early Childhood:

The child grew up. And at the proper age, he was admitted to the village school for primary education. He was religious and was regular in reading the Bible with all reverence to God. While in school, at the age of eleven (11), he accepted Christ as his personal savior. His ‘Bible-reading’ enlightened him to accept Christ through ‘immersion (water/believers’) baptism’ for that is the right thing to do and not the child baptism adopted by his Orthodox Church.

This ‘believers baptism’ created an uproar in the family. His parents and the school, which is backed by his community, did not approve of him going against their tradition. He was forced out of his family, school, and community. He was left alone by them, but our good God promised him that He will never leave him alone.

His education abruptly stopped. But God, in his own ways, prophesied promises to ‘take care of his education and his future.’ In addition to that, he was firmly assured that he will be a part of the revival in India.

Prophet “VARYAPURAM YOHANNACHEN” prophesied the following:

“The flaming and devouring Holy Fire of Revival will start from South of India and will move to North while the destructive Sword of Persecutions will start from North India and will come to the South. They will meet and theFire will consume the Sword and then India will be evangelized, and you will be an apostle and part of that movement of God.”

He lost one year of schooling. But God’s promise became a reality in His own time. The boy M.A.Varughese joined school again and continued his studies from where he stopped and passed class X i.e., the final year of schooling in India.

Studying further was not possible due to the lack of support from the family for not following their tradition. So, his education stopped again.

Major events in his Life:

Year 1965: He left his native state of Kerala (India) and moved to other states in the country. He sought a job to support himself financially.

Year 1966: He joined the Indian Air Force (IAF) as an “Air Man” one of the lower-ranks. Along with the occupation in the Central Government Services, he had the desire to study engineering subjects. Yet his priority was for spiritual activities. Even while attending night classes for private studies, he conducted as many Christian meetings as possible to the best of his ability.

Continuing Education: While working in the IAF, he studied in the evenings. This enabled him to get the following certificates:

Diploma in…

  • Aeronautical-technology
  • Mechanical-Engineering
  • Electronics -Engineering
  • Radio & Telecommunications and
  • Computer Engineering

Year 1971: By God’s grace and plan, he married ‘Aleyamma,’ a girl from his own community, yet a believer. He had a happy family life and God blessed him with two sons in the year 1973 and 1975.

Year 1975: The Government of India (Indian Air Force), sent him to the USA for further training and studies involving microwave and digital technology.

Year 2008-2009: The International Graduate School of Ministry (Washington State Higher Education Board, USA) conferred a “Doctorate in Ministry” upon him.

After availing voulantary retirement, he worked in different capacities in various organizations, both in Government and Private sectors.

Year 1991: While he was yet working in a Research and Development Organization as a Senior Technical/Scientific Staff, he had a divine call. And he resigned his job in Scientific/Engineering & Secular fields. He was ordained by the Assemblies of God as Pastor and continued his Christian Ministry on a fulltime basis in which he was involved from the age of 12.

Today he is the Senior Pastor and President of Bethel A.G. Church with 7 linguistic services. He is the President of Bethel Gospel Team and an Evangelist travelling worldwide. He is an in-depth Bible Teacher, a Powerful Revival Speaker and Evangelist, moving from place to place with manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit. He demonstrates an excellent servant leadership as he pastors a large church.

We, the church members of Bethel A.G. Church, fervently pray that God will keep him in good health, provide His wisdom, protect him everywhere, and use him mightily in His field to expand the Kingdom of God.

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